Welcome to Sunset Church!

Located in San Francisco, we are a church that seeks to live out the teaching of Jesus. Our goal is to be a vehicle of blessing to the community around us. Our prayer is that your life will be enriched by experiencing the authentic Christ. It is our hope that we can be a spiritual blessing to you. 

Come and join us this Sunday!

English Worship Services:
8:30am - 
Worship Center - 3638 Lawton St.
11:30am - 
Worship Center - 3638 Lawton St.

Cantonese Worship Services:
10am -Worship Center - 3638 Lawton St.
11:30am - CE Auditorium - 3635 Lawton St.


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December 13
Saturday 9:30 AM
ver try to disciple your children, spouse, or small group members and feel like you're getting nowhere? Effective discipleship begins with empathy. Come learn from Dr. David Eckman on how to maximize empathy to empower our discipleship and dynamically enrich our relationships. Free admission, RSVP at: http://sunsetchurchsf.org/empathy
CE Auditorium, 3635 Lawton St.
December 13
Saturday 6:00 PM
Bring your family and friends and come enjoy good food, warm drinks, music and crafts. There will be fun activities for all ages! Don’t miss this chance to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Sign up at: sunsetchurchsf.org/mingle.

Take advantage of Early bird pricing if you signup before Dec. 1: $6 for adults & youth, $2 for children (under 10).
CE Building, 3635 Lawton St, San Francisco, CA 94122
December 14
Sunday 9:45 AM
Invite your family and friends to the Children's Ministry Christmas celebration, “Rejoice in the Hope of Christmas" on December 14 from 9:45 to 11:30am. The nursery will be available all 3 services and one preschool class will be available at 8:30am. All other kids programs up to 5th grade are cancelled. Families are encouraged to attend a worship service together and head on over to the party!
CE Building, 3635 Lawton St, San Francisco, 94122
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