Welcome to Sunset Church!

Located in San Francisco, we are a church that seeks to live out the teaching of Jesus. Our goal is to be a vehicle of blessing to the community around us. Our prayer is that your life will be enriched by experiencing the authentic Christ. It is our hope that we can be a spiritual blessing to you. 

Come and join us this Sunday!

English Worship Services:
8:30am - 
Worship Center - 3638 Lawton St.
11:30am - 
Worship Center - 3638 Lawton St.

Cantonese Worship Services:
10am -Worship Center - 3638 Lawton St.
11:30am - CE Auditorium - 3635 Lawton St.


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October 11
Sunday 9:30 AM
CFC is now held on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Come and support Alpha Pregnancy Center (APC) and enjoy fresh baked goods, delicious coffee and wonderful fellowship in the patio.

No coffee or buns will be served in the lobby after the 8:30am service.
Church Patio, 3638 Lawton St, San Francisco, CA 94116
October 18
Sunday 1:00 PM
Don’t miss this great opportunity to fellowship with others and build unity here at Sunset Church. Free for newcomers, or $6 for all others. Come enjoy a home-cooked SF Theme lunch hosted by Mike/Cynthia Chinn’s and Vern/Melody Lee’s small groups. To secure your spot and take advantage of the early bird price of just $5/person, sign up today at: sunsetchurchsf.org/mixer
Church Patio
October 24
Saturday 9:00 AM
Join in the opportunity to directly interact with parents who need your encouragement and prayers. The walk teams will deliver bags of clothing, diapers, toys and end with lunch and fellowship. Walk info and sign-up sheets are available in the lobby. There is a modest registration fee which is waived if you are on the Sunset WFL team. Contact APC liaison - Gary Gin at dr.gin@sfpeds.com or www.alphapc.org to register online.
Alpha Pregnancy Center, 5070 Mission St, San Francsco, CA 94112
October 24
Saturday 9:00 AM
Vallombrosa Center - Menlo Park, CA
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