Welcome to Sunset Church!

Located in San Francisco, we are a church that seeks to live out the teaching of Jesus. Our goal is to be a vehicle of blessing to the community around us. Our prayer is that your life will be enriched by experiencing the authentic Christ. It is our hope that we can be a spiritual blessing to you. 

Come and join us this Sunday!

English Worship Services:
8:30am - 
Worship Center - 3638 Lawton St.
11:30am - 
Worship Center - 3638 Lawton St.

Cantonese Worship Services:
10am -Worship Center - 3638 Lawton St.
11:30am - CE Auditorium - 3635 Lawton St.


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February 01
Sunday 1:00 PM
All Sunset members and new member candidates, please join us for Sunset Church’s 1st Quarter 2015 Members Meeting on Sunday February 1 at 1pm in the Church Sanctuary. Mark your calendars now!
Church Sanctuary
February 02
February 08
Sunday 5:00 PM
Join us as we gather together to pray for the vision of our church on Sunday, February 8 from 5-6pm. We invite our whole church for intentional prayer as instructed in the book of Acts.

All these with one accord were devoting themselves to prayer, together with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and his brothers. - Acts: 1:14
Church Sanctuary
February 15
Sunday 9:45 AM
Are you new to Sunset Church in the last three months and want to get connected? Join us for a Welcome Brunch in the Church Patio and find out more about our church, its history and ministries on Sunday, Feb. 15 at 9:45am. Sign up at: sunsetchurchsf.org/welcomebrunch
Church Lobby
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